October 15, 2012

{inspired by Symmetry}

This one is for the perfectionists out there... you know, the ones who love symmetry.
I too love symmetry, but as a recovering perfectionist I'm learning to mix things up a bit... by doing it in style of course.  I'm calling this one, symmetry with style.
restoration inspired...

You can create symmetry without being too literal.

Here's how:

  • By purposely mixing similar textures and elements you can create a soothing symmetrical look that has a lot of visual interest.
  • A focal point is created by using a fabulous "stand alone" piece of furniture like the custom cabinet above.  I also gave the wall a focal point by adding a large mirror.  Both pieces are pretty substantial, but because they are of the same element {wood} they work well together without overpowering each other.
  • I framed matching pieces of artwork with mismatched frames of the same size and elemental look.  Artwork doesn't have to be your typical painting or print.  The artwork pictured here is actually whitewashed floorboards in a herringbone pattern.  I did this because I wanted to stick with the natural elements of wood, and I love the visual interest found in the herringbone pattern.  I also turned the pattern sideways, allowing the lines to lead your eye up through the space.
  • On the cabinet I used accessories of similar height and visual weight to create symmetry in the tablescape.
  • On the front of the cabinet I created an eclectic feel by adding metal numbers.  Not only does this create a truly unique piece of furniture, it also gives the room that statement piece {everyone will surely be talking about}.  I left out the 4 on purpose, which may make the best of us cringe a little. :)
  • Cozy up the space by taking two similar chairs & customizing them by upholstering them in complimenting fabrics and adding mismatched throw pillows of a similar color.
  • Finish off the space by adding accessories.  Behind one chair I added potted grasses, and next to the other I added a carved wood sculpture.  Because both are of a natural element it still creates the feel of balance and symmetry without being matchy-matchy.
Well, there you have it.  Now go find that symmetrically designed room in your home and mix it up a little.  It's okay... you have permission to do it!

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