May 16, 2013

Adventures in Illustrating...

Okay, I'll admit it, I signed up for the class because it was called "Pretty Paper Products".  I have an absolute obsession with paper.  I love paper.... I love looking at it, designing with it, collecting it.... I may be obsessed, yes. Seriously, do NOT take me to a scrapbook store. Ever.

So I happened upon these online classes one day.  And I thought, why don't I learn to design my own paper, patterns and art work for myself! Anyone who knows me knows I love design, but graphic design honestly scares me to death.  Maybe it's because I'm such a hands on designer? Truly, it's hard for me to imagine creating something on a computer screen and "trusting" that it's going to look good in real life.  So, I decided to overcome my fear and I signed up for some Illustrator classes.  OH.  MY.  GOSH.  
Why did nobody tell me how cool this was before!!!!

So, I started out small by designing a pear. I honestly never thought it would turn out so cute.  Well, what I learned is this... it was fun, it took no time at all to learn how to do, and ultimately I've probably just exchanged one obsession {paper}, for another {graphic paper}. Wouldn't the smaller pear make the cutest stamp?

So..... the "pretty paper" class lead to the "making a pattern" class, which of course lead to the "ornaments & embellishments" class... and if I take those, naturally that means I really should just stick with it and take the "Illustrator ~ Illustrating" class right!?  

Did I mention I might be obsessed?

If you're looking for creative inspiration, you really should check out it will not disappoint.  And I promise... you don't need to be a trained artist to draw in Illustrator.  I did it. :)