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Hello!  I'm Heather.  I’m a wife and mama, artist and interior designer, a sister, daughter and friend, and a perfectionist who isn't so perfect a lot of the time.  
Oh the irony. 

I love to write & share my love for art and design, which is where my love for blogging comes from!  I love the little imperfections in life, & enjoy incorporating them into the everyday style of a home.  I believe design should be tailored and personal... no 2 homes should look alike!  Inspiration can be found anywhere and I love the challenge of taking inspiration and personalizing it with my own style and creativity. 

I absolutely love my faith, my friends and my family. I’m currently on hiatus as an interior designer as I've chosen to be a stay at home mama for a while {which I love}.  Being the mom of 2 teenage girls, an eleven year old, and a toddler keeps me busy, exhausted and on my toes 24/7, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

I'm a texture, color, detail kind of girl who loves architecture.  I enjoy incorporating these elements into my designs.  One of my favorite things about interior design is walking with a client through the entire design process. I love watching their ideas, partnered with my design skills, evolve into something that they love.  

I have a love & passion for the world of art and design and love to inspire and be inspired by all things creative. I'm excited to share my fabulous finds, interior tips and restyling tricks with you.  Thanks so much for stopping by... I hope you leave feeling a little inspired, and maybe ready to take on a project of your own.  If you have something that inspires your interior style, please do share!

I believe there is a little imperfect perfectionist in all of us.  Embrace her {or him}!  Embrace the imperfections that come with living a real life, in a real home, full of your perfect style.  Thanks for letting me share bits of my imperfect life with you.


Heather Anne

More about Heather {the interior designer}
Heather received her degree in Interior Design from LDS Business College.  She also has a background in floral design, retail design and merchandising, as well as window styling and display.  She has an extensive background in fine art {with an emphasis in painting and drawing}.
Heather began her interior design career with Lisman Studio Interior Design, where she had the opportunity to work with one of the top interior design firms in the nation.  Heather has experience with both residential and commercial design, and has also worked as a design consultant offering AutoCad, space planning, and design services to local clients.
She is not currently offering design services at this time, but will be venturing into the world of e-design consultations in the near future.  This is an exciting endeavor for her and she is looking forward to this up and coming opportunity.  Thank you for supporting her along this journey.

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